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Views from afar (posted by Melissa)

Spring Fever — 70s Style (posted by Melissa)

Snow Art by Simon Beck (posted by Melissa)

Polish posters (posted by Marco)

Painted Faces (posted by Melissa)

Wilder Mann by Charles Fregér. Rituals, tradition, and costumes that predates Christianity, shot in 18 countries across Europe from December to Easter in 2010. (posted by Marco)

Sci-fi art by John Berkey (posted by Marco)

Golden standards (by Jackie). 

Watercolor cities by Sunga Park (posted by Marco)

Nigeria’s Hyena Men by photographer Pieter Hugo (posted by Marco)

Atheism is a hard sell, so I was intrigued to see a bus ad for “living without religion” and no mention of the nasty A-word. Compared to New Zealand’s campaign for atheism, which went for aggressiveness and humor, it’s interesting that the tactic in America was to tread softly. 

More beer labels (Posted by Jackie)

Posted by Lee

Among the “Silver Clouds” exhibit, Andy Warhol @ Artisphere in Rosslyn!

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